Hidez Ice Compression Socks

Hidez Equine Compression Ice Socks

--Icing. When professional football or basketball players finish a tough practice or game, they don’t always hit the showers first. Many times, they head straight for an ice bath. Numerous studies have shown that ice therapy after physical exertion reduces the risk of injuries and speeds recovery. Quite simply, athletes who ice themselves come back better the next day than those who do not. Physiologically speaking, icing does a few things. For starters, it’s analgesic, meaning it reduces pain associated with the activity. But its most important effect is to encourage vasoconstriction. When a horse is working hard, the capillaries that extend into his muscles, tendons and ligaments expand to bring in needed blood. You need that wide-open flow in the height of activity, but when the activity is done, that excess flow will persist---even for hours---and will bring in now-unneeded fluid that contains mediators and enzymes associated with inflammation. You don’t want that sitting around in tissues. Not only does it provoke an inflammatory process, but pooling fluids will stretch tissues, making them less elastic over time. Once you lose the elasticity in tissues, particularly in the lower limbs, you can’t regain it, and the horse may then be prone to fluid accumulation---known as “stocking up.” The sooner we can get them back to their baseline circulation the better, and icing helps with that. You can’t ask a horse to sit in a tub of ice after a workout, though. Research suggests that the target temperature for cryotherapy is around 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit), much colder than what typically comes from a tap. You need to ice limbs for only about 15 or 20 minutes after a difficult workout to obtain the benefits. If you had noticed any heat or swelling in your post-workout leg inspection, check again after icing---if it hasn’t diminished, give your veterinarian a call.

Source: https://equusmagazine.com/management/postworkout-leg-care-27648

Ice Socks now make icing your horses legs easier and more convenient than ever. Simple to put on by a large heavy duty zipper, just fill the pockets with ice and enjoy knowing your getting the benefit of icing the leg with the added benefit of Hidez compression! 20 minutes later you unzip the sock, toss the ice, zip the sock back on the leg for continued compression therapy! Its that simple.

-Same amazing benefit of compression wear
-Easy to put on and take off
-No wires, cords, batteries attached
-No need to worry about frozen packs
-No machines
-No need for a power outlet
-Ice from the knee or hock down past the fetlock
-No worry of these slipping down due to heavy duty, wide, adjustable Velcro above the knee/hock
-No heavy bags to tote around
-Nothing for a horse to get tangled in
-Machine washable
- Line dry
-Easy to store

Sizes for Socks:  XS - 13-14 Hands S - 14-15 Hands M - 15-16 Hands L - 16-17 Hands XL - 17-18 Hands


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Ice Socks -Original Color- Horse Sizes

Ice Socks -Original Color- Horse Sizes

Equine Compression Ice Socks These socks are made from the same great breathable material that our Hidez compression suits are made from and come in...

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Expansion Set -Ice Compression Socks

Expansion Set -Ice Compression Socks

This Expansion Set will provide 4 different sized zipper extensions for ONE LEG to add to the compression (or ice compression) socks to allow for a...

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