How To Measure Your Horse for a Hidez Suit:

To Obtain the correct Hidez suit size for your horse, simply measure the height of your horse from the ground level to the highest point of the horse's withers (see diagram).

Then refer to the Hidez size chart.

hidez sizing chart


Here's a great video put together by on measuring your horse for their Hidez suit.


Putting Your Hidez Suit On Your Horse

When suiting your horse up, start at the shoulders and make sure you keep the leg of the suit as high on the horses leg as possible. Have the top leg seem just above where the shoulder and forearm muscles meet. Pull the 2 sides of the suit together with the liner laying flat against the horse. As you zip, move the zipper out and down in small increments while holding the suit in place with the opposite hand. This will allow you to manage where you want the suit to sit. Don't just pull the zipper down as you will drag the suit downwards with the zipper, causing the leg and shoulder of the suit to sit too low. By not having the front legs correct, you reduce the effectiveness of the specifically placed panels and seams and the suit can place more pressure than required on the wither.

On some horses, you will find after longer periods of time the suit will have moved down the leg slightly. The horse's hair allows the suit to slide down but prevents it from moving up. Simply unzip the legs, reposition and rezip.

Please watch this short instructional video from Stuart Tinney Olympic Gold Medalist, as he demonstrates how easy it is to fit and remove the Hidez Equine MK11 Travel & Recovery Compression Suit.


Active Suit:


Compression Socks:

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