Please be aware of "copycat" or imposter/knock-off compression items that have recently appeared on the USA market. These items are infringing upon the Hidez intellectual property rights and US patents.  

We have been notified by Hidez AU, the makers of Hidez Compression products to share the following information so that the consumer can beware.

"Please find attached the latest infringement letter from our New York attorneys Lackenbach Siegel to all USA Dealers, and users regarding the XLR8 Compression socks and XLR8 Cryo Boot.

Please notify all Hidez contacts and customers of this infringing product and possible legal actions.


Lackenbach & Seigel, LLC
Intellectual Property Attorneys

(914) 723-4394


December 17, 2019
To whom it may concern:

Re: Infringement of Hidez Pty Ltd’s US Intellectual Property Rights

We represent Hidez Pty Ltd (“Hidez”) in connection with US Intellectual Property matters. Hidez is the owner an assortment of US Intellectual Property rights, including trademarks, copyrights, and patents relating to its line of equine compression suits and socks. Among these Intellectual Property rights are the HIDEZ trademarks and logos, the copyrights in the photographs of Hidez’s authentic products, and US Patent Nos. D838,058, D835,358, D764,721, and D759,320.

It has recently come to Hidez’s attention that XLR8 Equine and its principals Jacob and Ashleigh Price are infringing Hidez’s US Intellectual Property rights, by using Hidez’s trademarks, logos, and photographs to sell their own XLR8-brand compression socks. Certain of the XLR8 compression socks, including the XLR8 Cryo Boots, infringe Hidez’s US D835,358 Patent. As a result, we have commenced enforcement efforts against XLR8 Equine and its principals.

Please be informed that any persons or entities making, using, or selling XLR8’s Cryo Boots are infringing Hidez’s US D835,358. Under US law, any person or entity selling an infringing product may be liable to the patent owner for money damages, even if the seller did not manufacture the infringing product. Accordingly, you should refrain from purchasing, importing into the US, offering for sale, or selling any infringing items from XLR8. All US dealers who purchase, stock, and/or-sell these items should immediately remove them from sale, both in-store and online. Failure to do so may result in legal actions against the sellers directly. Hidez takes the infringement of its Intellectual Property seriously, and intends to pursue all infringers without exception. Please govern yourself accordingly.

Rob Golden
Robert B. Golden

Kind regards
Elwyn McCabe
Hidez Pty Inc.
Managing Director”


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Stingray Wears Hidez

March 17, 2016 Sherri Cervi's #Stingray getting ready for her big run at #rodeohouston this weekend, gonna be feeling good in her #hidezSuit #sherrycervi #teamhidez #hidezusa

Jackie Jatzlau and Prince with Hidez

3/17/2016:  Big Dream Racing team would like to wish Jackie Jatzlau a Happy Birthday! Prince looks great in his new Hidez!!

Team McLeod

2/27/2016:  Michele McLeod, Team McLeod and Slick by Design is a Hidez Believer and Achiever... Go TEAM MCLEOD!

Hipodromo Camarero Introduces Hidez

2/21/2016:  Hipodromo Camarero Introduces Hidez to the race track.  The first American Race Horse to wear a Hidez Compression Active suit (in Puerto Rico) Traje de compresión... Algo nuevo que se ve aquí en el #‎HipódromoCamarero

Very excited to see Hidez working on the track on the Island that I love!!! He turned some heads. Three days of exposure! Canovanas, Puerto Rico