Expansion Set For Compression Socks

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This Expansion Set will provide 4 different sized zipper extensions to add to the compression (or ice compression) socks to allow for a larger size to accommodate for cellulitis or lymphedema or other inflammation. As the swelling decreases, you can remove or downsize a panel to a smaller fit to keep the compression tight enough to continue the increased circulation and massage.
You will need to specify what size socks you are ordering (the expansion set is created to fit the exact length of each size) and for which leg (left or right, front or hind).

Please note, while we try to keep this item in stock, there is a possibility that it will have to be ordered from Australia. Please allow 2-week time frame for special orders, unusually large or small sizes, or colors other than black.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email: hidez@buyhidez.com and we will be happy to assist in getting you the correct size! Photo shown is a compression sock with the expansion set in place. Compression Sock and/or Ice Socks are not included and must be purchased in addition to the Expansion set.

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