NEW 2020 SEAMLESS Ice Compression Socks

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Hidez just took their patented compression therapy a whole leap forward!

Now the Hidez compression socks are seamless! No seams on the legs/tendons and with 3 separate pocket areas for icing (no slipping ice!). Perfect for icing a specific area OR for icing the entire leg. The horse benefits from the cold-water therapy as the ice melts and you won't have pooling ice at the bottom of the sock. What an amazing improvement on an already brilliant ice therapy!

These socks are made from the same great breathable material that our Hidez compression suits are made from and come in pairs of either Fronts or Hinds.

The Ice Compression Socks are easily put on with a Hi-Performance zipper and an adjustable Velcro fastened strap at the top. They start above the knee or hock and finish below the pastern joint.

Ice Socks make icing your horses legs easier and more convenient than ever. Simple to put on by a large heavy duty zipper, Put the sock on and fill the pockets with ice and enjoy knowing your getting the benefit of icing the leg with the added benefit of Hidez compression! 20 minutes later you unzip the sock, toss the ice, zip the sock back on the leg for continued compression therapy! Its that simple. Hauling in the heat? Leave the socks on and let the ice melt and seep out of the breathable material... nothing to remove, refreeze or charge!

-Same amazing benefit of compression wear
-Easy to put on and take off
-No wires, cords, batteries attached
-No need to worry about frozen packs
-No machines
-No need for a power outlet
-Ice from the knee or hock down past the fetlock
-No worry of these slipping down due to heavy duty, wide, adjustable Velcro above the knee/hock
-No heavy bags to tote around
-Nothing for a horse to get tangled in
-Machine washable
- Line dry
-Easy to store

Sizes for Socks:

Pony - 12-13 Hands
XS - 13-14 Hands
S - 14-15 Hands
M - 15-16 Hands
L - 16-17 Hands
XL - 17-18 Hands

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