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Hidez Neck pieces are available in Original colors, printed and custom colors. 

These Neck pieces need to be attached to a suit to stay in place and will fit both the Travel & Recovery suit or the Active. 
It's great for horses that get stiff in the neck.  This neck piece will increase circulation and create a massaging effect to the muscles of the neck.

There is, of course, more to massage than just loosening tight muscles and providing a feeling of well-being. Massage, say its proponents, has wide-ranging physiological benefits, ranging from increased blood flow to a positive effect on the skeletal system. The increase in blood flow due to massage can produce a temporary decrease in blood pressure. Researchers have found that massage also slows the pulse rate and promotes relaxed breathing, two indicators of reduced stress. Massage also encourages the flow of lymph, a colorless fluid that transports proteins and other substances from the muscles and bones to the blood. The increased lymph flow helps prevent fluid accumulation that can lead to swollen tissues and joints.
The muscular system can benefit from massage in several ways. First, massage stretches and relaxes muscles, promotes flexibility, and increases the range of motion. Massage also helps tired or injured muscles recuperate by mechanically ridding them of lactic acid, a metabolic by-product.
Your neck piece can be used prior to exercise to loosen muscles that are tight to serve as a preventative for injury, before it is asked to perform.
The neck fastens with a zipper along the bottom of the neck to the suit and with velcro at the top to the mask.

Mask sold separately. Refund policy: 15% restocking fee on all Hidez returns, must be in unused condition.

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