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Draw It Out G.E.L. Description Draw It Out Liniment is a revolutionary new product. It combines all natural minerals to heal quickly alleviate pain and swelling in your horses legs. Draw it out can also be used as a leg tightener and is great for injury prevention. Draw It Out can be used for: ● Trailering & Transportation ● Pre-Event Preparation ● Post-Event Cool Down ● Injury Recovery ● Injury Prevention ● Tighten Legs Draw It Out reduces swelling & relieves pain without the mess of a traditional poultice. 16 oz
Draw It Out Veterinary Strength Liniment is the perfect solution to preventing soreness and injuries as well as helping them to heal. Draw It Out can be applied in a number of ways before an event to ensure your horse is fresh and performing at an optimal level. If you have a rope horse who is a bit sore in the shoulders, spray the horse down before the event. Draw It Out helps the body to liber those muscles up during the event. As you progress your horse will be gaining steam while the competition is running low. If your horse has a tendency to get sore in the back spray them down with a 50/50 mixture of Draw It Out BEFORE you saddle up. This will allow the soreness to dissipate during your warm up so by the time the competition is going strong your horse is limber and pain free. You can also use our guide on Using Draw It Out as a Wrap to tighten legs before an event. The best news if you choose to do this is there is no clean up! You can literally leave the wraps on all the way up until the event. Depending on your competition you may even be able to leave them on DURING the competition! The same wrap procedure can be used to keep your horse's legs fresh during transportation. Headed to Canada for Texas or to California from Arkansas? You can wrap your horse when you pull out of the drive way and leave the wraps on the whole trip! Not only will this provide some support and protection but it will also keep soreness from building up. We recommend keeping them moist via spray bottle but some people saran wrap over the top of the wraps to keep the moisture in. Both methods have proved effective. Using Draw It Out as a Hoof Soak One of Draw It Out's many uses is it can be used as a hoof soak. In order to utilize Draw It Out as a soak you'll need: Draw It Out Gauze Vet Wrap Barrier Boot First mix your Draw It Out to the desired ratio. Soak the gauze thoroughly in the mixture until completely saturated. Affix the gauze to the hoof with the vet wrap then use the barrier boot to keep everything in place. Leave on for 30min-1hr and remove. This will help "draw out" all of the heat & soreness that are normally caused by abcesses At Draw It Out USA, we feel its very important to locally source our ingredients. We make sure each and every ingredient we put into our formula is locally sourced to ensure the highest level of quality & potency available. Each link in our production chain is located within the United States, allowing us to, in some small part, keep Americans working.

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