Care Instructions: 

The recommended use of Hidez Animal Compression suits is that the horse must be being lead or standing and secured in such a manner it cannot rub against any rough or uneven surface 
{a surface that will damage the suit}
This fabric is not indestructible and can be damaged by the horse. Once the item is out of our hands, Hidez cannot safeguard nor warranty wear and tear, only manufacturer’s defects in seams and zippers. Do not allow the horse to lie down.  The rubbing and rolling can tear/rub and damage the suit. 
Under no circumstances should our Hidez suit be left on while the horse is in its stall or pasture without being secured as explained above as to avoid damaging the Hidez. We cannot warranty damage done to the Hidez compression fabric due to a naughty horse, wear and tear, or misuse. Fabric can be torn, it is your job as the caretaker to bbe sure that the surroundings are safe for the horse and the material. Nibbling horses that like to nip at the suit can be deterred by being tied or by the use of a a light fly sheet over the suit .

Hidez Travel and Recovery suits are made from a tight fitting stretch fabric which requires the appropriate care:
All Hidez suit are Machine Washable.  
Before washing, zip all zippers and close the velcro tabs. 
  -Gentle Machine Wash
  -Drip Dry out of direct sunlight . 


  Do not bleach
  Do not tumble dry
  Do not store wet 
  Do not iron 
  Avoid rough surfaces 

When to launder your Hidez:

You can spray/rinse your Hidez while it is on your horse to remove dirt/manure. 

If you have been using your suit for a while and find the suit is a little loose, it is time to wash the suit.  This will tighten the material up again. Do not tumble dry, hang to dry.