Hidez Compression Neck Pieces

The Hidez Compression Neck pieces are a great addition to your mask and suit (whether it be active or travel and recovery suit). I say a great addition because you need to attach the neck to the suit (equipped with zippers on each side of the horse, inside the collar of the suit) and to the mask to keep it in place. 

We have been asked “why do I need a neck piece?” The neck of the horse is a very important part of the whole horse. Adding the neck piece will complete the therapy of the Hidez compression to the entire horse. The neck pieces are great for horses that tend to be sore in the poll and tight in the neck. 

Massage and acupressure can combine to provide your horse with an effective and efficient means of resolving pain, relieving lameness, and restoring a balanced flow of chi throughout the body, allowing for the animal to restore his health and well-being. 

There are too many variables, many of which we have no control that cause problems stemming from emotional, biomechanical or chemical origin. Some horses don’t have the best conformation (they way they are structurally put together), others have tack that doesn’t quite fit, some housing limits normal activity in addition to problems associated with feed imbalances, shoeing or trimming, worming, vaccination, medications as well as vices, emotion, hormones, disease, injury, poor use of training devices, footing, and spinal issues, pulling back when tied, trailering, and more. The variables which contribute to body sensitivity and dysfunction involve a long list and all the “correct riding” in the world can not undo many of the burdens our companions may have to endure. 

The anatomy of the neck muscles and the connection to the shoulder blades as well as to the crest line of the neck explains why tight, restricted shoulder movement and stiffness in the crest line seem to go together. Riders often find that if they can get the shoulders moving, the neck will loosen and stretch; or, if they can get the neck to stretch, the shoulders will swing better. 

Neck soreness and injuries often present as:

• Restricted or painful neck movement

• Unusual or inappropriate head carriage

• Difficulty raising or lowering the head

• Lameness or swelling

Using this diagram, you can see the Acupoints for cervical issues where the neck piece will apply this compression, resulting in the release of these points. 

Muscle Tension in Horses can often cause: 

• Resisting or refusing leads

• Head or neck discomfort 

• Shortened stride

• Hip stiffness

• Improper tracking

• Girthing problems

• Behavioral problems 

• Tossing head

• Sore back

• Uneven stride 

By using the compression pieces, you are massaging these areas and increasing the circulation, getting the oxygen to the tissues, muscles and ligaments. 

The use of your Hidez products pre-performance warms the muscles and relieves surface tension. 

Using your Hidez products post-performance, you are warming the muscles and flushing out lactic acid to prevent muscle soreness. 

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