Hidez Compression Socks- Injury Recovery

Hidez Compression Socks- Injury Recovery

Pictures tell more than we can ever express in words. We were thrilled to get this photo from a recent customer. This photo is of an injury approx. 2 years old (It looks really good to what it did she kicked the fence at the trainers and hung them in the cable.) The healing process was slow and they wanted to try the Compression socks. We also recommended trying the Eire Hide along with the Hidez Ice Socks. 

In only one week, we received these before and after photos from Jessica along with this note: “Pics to the left is before Eire Hide and Hidez pics to the right is after a week of using them both. I am so excited about it!!! This mare is so awesome and so much heart!! Her and my little girl Shelby are sitting 5th in the world for Rookie of the year for NLBRA”. 

Knowing that this mare has had such a slow healing process with this injury and to see these changes in just one week, we are confident that this horse owner made the right move getting Hidez Compression socks for her mare! Not only have the wounds reduced size, but the swelling in the hocks have decreased. 

This amazing horse still runs in the 1D despite this injury. We cannot wait to hear the stories as she continues to improve and feel better! Once these hocks have healed, they can continue to use the Ice Socks to haul, stall and for recovery after exercise and performance. 

Thank you, Jessica Watson, for sharing this with us so that we can share with other horse owners who might be curious about how well Hidez will work for their equine performance partners! 


After One Week of Hidez Hind Ice Compression Socks and Eire Hide product..

Injury site – 2 years later, still not healed. Taken the day Hidez Compression socks were ordered.

– UPDATE, Aug 24, 2016: 

“They are still shrinking! She also won Miss Rodeo Top O Texas”

Big Dream Racing- Hidez USA: “How awesome! Congrats! I’ll redo the story on her. Now people will ask – how often do you use them?”

Jessica Watson: Every night, over night. I take them off in the morning when I feed. 

Congrats to Shelby and Sofia! 

Shelby Watson and Sophia