Why Use Ortho Equine Complete Comfort Splint Boots?- NO HEAT

Don’t fall for neoprene boots…They still heat up your horses’ leg🔥

Our boots have our signature inside technology that keep the leg at a cooler temperature to reduce the risk for injury. Ride with the brand that keeps you cool…

Why Use Ortho Equine Comfort Splint boots?

Ortho Equine Complete Comfort Boots provide comfortable, no-sweat support for your horse while protecting from dirt and debris. Our Comfort Boots are lined with Intellitemp™, a breathable, temperature-regulating material designed to keep skin a comfortable temperature (83° F). Made in the U.S.A.

Form fit reduces dirt and debris. 

Complete Comfort- Cooler and more comfortable than other boots. Lined with Comfort Temp DCC technology- which absorbs and transmits heat through the outer layer. Breathable yet durable outer layer has a 4-way stretch, allowing boot to conform well.

Dryz antimicrobial interlining wits away moisture and restricts bacterial growth. 

Interchangeable fetlok strap (SASS wrap) provides even support, compression and added style. 

A great alternative to neoprene and other materials that keeps your horses legs cool and comfortable 


Ortho-Care was established in 1979 as a F.D.A. registered manufacturer of orthopedic and sports medicine products. With numerous patents and years of technological advancements in both product design and materials in the human market.

Ortho-Equine was established as a subsidiary of Ortho-Care and utilizes some of the same technology as developed in the human market. As an example, the Comfort Boot is lined with a temperature regulating material Intellitemptm which Ortho-Care originally utilized for suspension devices for amputees. This material which was originally developed for NASA is breathable and strives to keep a constant skin temperature of 83°.

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