Your order will be shipped within one week of receipt unless the item is on back-order and must come from Australia. We will order your specific size and color. With the nature of imported items, your order can take up to 2 weeks for out of stock colors and 3-4 weeks for specially ordered prints and customs.

We ship our products via USPS Mail.

While we do try to keep a good variety of inventory on-hand, with the varying range of sizes and colors, we might have to order your item. We order our products directly from Hidez Australia and typically receive them within 4 business days of placing the order. This means we can still supply you with your order in about one week – 10 days.


The product, provided it is in NEW condition, unworn and in it’s original packaging need to be returned, transportation prepaid, within two weeks of the shipping date to original customer. There is a 15% restocking fee on all Hidez items as these are imported and oftentimes, specially ordered for your specific color or size (we typically only stock black in standard sizing) . Shipping and handling costs are not refundable for any order.

Because of customs and duties, it is not feasible to have them returned to AU. Should you decide that you do not want your item, you will need to return the item (in unused condition only) at your expense.

You must have obtained an authorization approval before shipping to:

Dream Big Hidez
PO Box 301
Winslow, AR, 72959

Warranty Repairs and Defects

IN THE CASE OF defects or warranty issues, please email photos of the issue to: Warrantied repairs will be sent to Dream Big Hidez – Warranty Division. Any repairs that cannot be made in the US (anything that requires sewing or replacing of the zipper itself) will be packaged and sent to AU for authentic repair.

BEFORE SENDING YOUR ITEMS- because these must be sent to Australia, they will be subject to Customs inspections. Your items must be clean and free of animal hair to not delay or seize your items. Wash and line dry your Hidez products and send to:

Dream Big Hidez
PO Box 301
Winslow, AR, 72959

BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and EMAIL address for return shipment and communication. You should also include a note describing the issue that you are needing repaired (it’s not always obvious upon inspection) .

Damages to your products are not considered “warranty” repairs. Damages due to improper usage, improper alterations or handling, or by any other conditions beyond our control, to include damages by horses or their environment, are excluded from the one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Warranty covers the seams for defect and zippers and zipper heads for workmanship and does not cover incidental or consequential damages.

Return shipping will be paid by the customer.