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Competition Horse Bit w/ Nose Band – SH 03 Combo

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SH 03 Combo- This is another one of my combination bits that I love to compete in. The nose band allows for stability in keeping the horses body together at speed as well as finishing the backside of a turn. The extended purchase allows for easy pick up of the front end of a real ratey or heavy front ended barrel horse. Available with a variety of mouthpieces.

This SH 03 Combo is the ultimate competition horse bit that is keeping your broke and finished horses in mind. A valuable competition horse bit, this is a must have for your finished products! This horse bit gives you that desired bend and lift, a smooth feel, amazing contact and controls the entire body your horse. The Nose Band helps square up a horse that is super bendy or will help put a stop on a free runner without losing bend or lift. Making your ride soft, supple, controlled. This horse bit is great for adding speed and control. Offers great control during the run keeping the horse light, assisting with control of the hip. Comes standard with an 8″ Shank.

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