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Custom Design Hidez Compression suits

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Custom design and printed Compression suits by Hidez.

You select solid color, print pattern and have up to 6 locations for logos or graphics. Name on collar on both sides. The whole suit can be printed with logos, or a solid panel with logos. We will create your design! ($50 design fee- which will be applied to your order when order is placed).

Hidez compression suits are engineered using innovative graduated compression technology. The Hidez Compression Wear is so beneficial to your horse. IT DOES TAKE EFFORT... but so does all of the training, riding, seasoning, caring, and hauling that you do! Admittedly, you cannot just toss it over their back and it go to work. You must zip it up, and it can take 2-5 minutes and now and then maybe an extra hand. The benefits to your partner are well worth the time and effort! You will see your equine companion relax, breathe a deep breath and exhale. Their eyes will go soft. They will enjoy your efforts. You are helping them with soreness, anxiety OR- if there are none of those issues, you are helping prevent them.
The compression (be it a suit, neck, mask, socks) is massaging the lymphatic system and increasing circulation. There is nothing wrong with just helping them "feel good" for a bit.
If you see a horse in Hidez products, it does not mean that horse has a problem or an issue or an injury. You are seeing a horse that has an owner/partner/rider that cares about how their athlete feels before, during and after their performance, in the arena and out.
Longevity is the key; Our partners are too hard to replace.

Hidez Compression Suits can be beneficial in aiding to pain management by massaging the horse, supporting to the muscle groups (multifidus muscles, psoas muscles,abdominal oblique muscles), as an all-natural anti-inflammatory aid. So why compression? Well, according to Kenneth Knight , “Cryotherapy in Sports Injury Management” (1995), compression helps control edema formation and reduces the swelling by promoting reabsorption of this fluid. Not only does the compression aid reabsorption, it shuts down the area and therefore will not allow for additional edema to formulate. If there is less tissue debris, there is less free protein which will lower the tissue oncotic pressure. Tissue oncotic pressure pulls fluid from the capillaries and will increase edema. This compression enhances the body's natural circulation and provides the following injury recovery benefits: Less swelling - Inflammation and swelling are not only uncomfortable, they can also inhibit the healing process. Compression therapy is proven to help reduce swelling, especially in combination with cold therapy. Less edema - Excess fluid buildup can also slow down the healing process and inhibit range of motion if the injury is at or near a joint. Compression can help reduce this excess fluid in the body. More nutrients - Active compression helps stimulate the flow of lymph fluid, which carries vital nutrients, to the damaged tissues surrounding the injury. Lymph fluid is also important for removing waste from cells and body tissues, an important function during the tissue regeneration process. More oxygen - Injured tissue requires oxygen for it to repair itself. However, swelling can inhibit the flow of blood to an injury, slowing down the healing process. Active compression helps improve blood flow, thereby enhancing the delivery of oxygen to damaged tissue. Faster tissue repair - The combination of reduced swelling and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the injury site enables more rapid tissue repair and an overall faster healing process.

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