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DogStreamZ Magnetic Bands

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StreamZ smart bands introduce a new technique in how magnetism is used to support dogs – ‘360º resonance technology‘. DOG StreamZ silicone collars are not magnetic pulse technology, instead our unique technology creates a gentle spin!

StreamZ ‘spinning magnetic process’ creates no increase in temperature around the dogs neck, an issue with many traditional magnetic collars. This non invasive approach allows the silicone band to be worn for long periods of time (24/7 if required) and immediately after exercise, improving the impact of the technology and avoiding constant removal.

Traditional magnets have been used in magnetic dog products for many years. StreamZ revolutionary approach to magnetism introduces a unique silicone material which itself becomes magnetised within our manufacturing process. Magnetism, but with a difference.

DOG StreamZ revolutionary 360º magnetic dog collars were developed based on a scientific understanding of how each-and-every cell within a dog naturally interacts with magnetic fields. StreamZ non invasive approach in applying magnetism provides a natural and complimentary device to the canine community, ideal for a supporting a variety of benefits.

Each pack contains one silicone band; comfortably wrapped around the neck of the dog and worn for a minimum of 8 hours per day. Available in multiple colours and fully adjustable to provide a comfortable fit for all breeds.

Each DOG StreamZ magnetic smart band contains a continuous strip of StreamZ material, creating a series of unique low-frequency energy fields around the dogs neck. The StreamZ bands are endorsed by a variety of leading canine professionals, World Champion agility dogs, rescue charities and talent show winners!

ONE SIZE: Fully Adjustable Silicone Band – up to 55cm
(excess material can be cut off for smaller dogs)
Width = 1.65cm | Weight = 105 grams (at 55cm length)
(weight guide when cut down: 30cm = 70g, 40cm = 90g)

Colour changes: Please note that colours may vary across productions runs.

FDA Approved silicone with metal buckle.
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