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Hidez Active Compression Suit

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Equine Active Compression Suit

Hidez Equine Compression Active Suits

Available in 7 standard colors

This is the one that you can ride or work your horse in. It has shorter legs and the zipper that runs along the body stops and restarts after the girth, thus there is nothing sitting under your girth for the maximum comfort of your horse.

This is very beneficial when working horses in hot or cold temperatures as it helps the horse maintain it's core temperature whilst the high-tech material draws the moisture away from the skin. Also great while waiting between runs/performances as it keeps the muscles warm, aiding in prevention if injuries.

Available in sizes from Minis - Draft/Heavy Horses

Neck and Mask also available for purchase separately.

Available in sizes from Minis - Draft/Heavy Horses

To Obtain the correct Hidez suit size for your horse, simply measure the height of your horse from the ground level to the highest point of the horse's withers.

For girth measurement, please provide the measurement around the horse's girth (in the area where the cinch rides) in either CM or Inches, in the area provided.

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