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MasterMudd™ EquiBrace™ Horse Poultice 52oz

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MASTERMUDD™ EquiBrace™ is a Manuka Honey based topical rub that helps support healthy joints and increased flexibility. We formulated MASTERMUDD™ specifically for horses, though it is safe for all animal use. This topical rub contains ingredients like Arnica that are known to help reduce some of the discomfort caused by muscle inflammation and edema that can develop in horses due to exercise or age. MASTERMUDD™EquiBrace™ is a topically applied product used to help soothe sore muscles and joints from the rigors of competing, stress from traveling, stalling or overexertion from training and competing.

MASTERMUDD™ EquiBrace™ can be applied directly to the horse’s skin before, during or after exercise or as needed. MASTERMUDD™EquiBrace™ is rapidly absorbed and can be used alone or mixed with our other products for synergistic results. MASTERMUDD™ EquiBrace™ can be used on any horse at any time regardless of age. It is perfect for the older horse suffering from arthritis or the young competitive horse needing to feel in good form. The best part? MASTERMUDD™ EquiBrace™ will not leave a sticky residue. As with all of our products MASTERMUDD™ EquiBrace™ is designed with the horse in mind but is safe for all animals.


Generously apply by hand the desired amount directly to the pasterns, cannon bones, knees, hocks, stifles, or other external problem areas before or after exercise or as needed. Can be combined with our original formulas to create a synergistic approach to equine health.


Purified & Filtered Water, DiO Proprietary Blend containing Arnica, Chamomile, Aloe Vera Extract, Morinda Citrifolia, Manuka Honey, Red Algae Extract and Peppermint Oil DYE FREE FORMULA

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