Hidez Compression Masks Customer Submitted Testimonials

From anxiety to checks!

Big thank you for helping me pick a mask for my OTTB boy!! He went from high anxiety and not thinking in the arena to winning checks! Big Sexy thanks Hidez so much!


Apollo- from zero to hero with Hidez!

Apollo was bound for slaughter when he was trampled on a transport truck. He had a pretty extensive head injury. Two areas of his skull were exposed. Hidez was recommended to us and the results speak for themselves. Pics show just seven days of Apollo having his compression mask.


Hidez mask for head injury


Masque avec oreille

hidez mask with ears

J’adore mon masque! Depuis que je met le masque en compétition de baril à ma pouliche, elle est beaucoup plus concentrer et réceptive. Les temps qu’elle fait en compétition son beaucoup mieux grâce à hidez!

Christine Desrochers

Bat Horse

My horse refuses to allow his ears to touched. As a mounted shooter, I want to protect his hearing. The Hidez mask with ears is perfect. It adds the hearing protection but also the acupressure points relaxes him while competing. Plus, he looks like a “super hero – Bat horse!”

Alexandra Kasuske

Barrel Racing with Hidez Mask

The hidez mask has really improved my horses response to my gate issues and focus on my commands around barrels and poles. She use to throw her head forward a lot more and now she has that sense of teamwork with me when racing. Whatever tension she had before is know relaxed with compression pushing it out. She is happy to put on her mask. She loves it.

Heath Johnson

Why Hidez?

Hi my name is Rylee Haman and I am 17 years old! I rodeo for CHSRA D9 and I travel for rodeo and barrel races year round! I bought my first hidez in 2017 and have bought every horse I’ve owned since then one two! I currently have 3 hidez mask that I use on both of my horses. I have a Xs, S, and a M! My little paint gelding has extreme anxiety and tenses up very easily! I use the S when doing slow work so it’s not too tight and he relaxes very well with it! When it comes to rodeo I used the Xs which puts his whole focus on where I’m asking him to go without thinking of the anxiety filled entrance to the gate! I’ve used it on him for 4 years and he now put his head into the mask and loves when he gets to wear it! I recently bought a off the track thoroughbred mare who was just recently retired from the races so she gets very excited very easily! I use the medium on her when doing slow work and even ground work with the trailer and being tied up, and then I use the small when asking her for bigger new things that may cause her to get a little too excited. Hidez has changed my life in so many ways and made riding so much more comfortable for my horses and I and I couldn’t be more thankful!

Rylee Haman

Hidez Compression Socks & Ice Socks Customer Submitted Testimonials

Accident Prone Horses

We all know how accident prone horses can be! Well, recently ours just wanted to remind us of that. She cut her leg open on both sides. Thankfully, I was there when it happened. We quickly rinsed her leg and were so thankful that we had our Hidez Ice Compression Socks to put on her. The combination of the compression and ice stabilized her wounds until the vet arrived. He was very pleased with the state of her leg upon arrival. The ice and compression minimized all swelling and kept the wound fresh so the skin didn’t have to be trimmed before she was stitched up. Those socks will go everywhere with us from now on! Thank you Hidez for making an incredible product!

Sarah Linkhorn

Ice Socks and Tendon Sheath surgery

My main barrel horse underwent surgery to repair a distal tendon sheath tear in 2010. After rehabilitation, his distal tendon would swell after competition. The Hidez Ice Compression Socks changed the game! I use the Ice Socks for 15 minutes as part of our post race regimen, dump the ice out, and leave on as added cryotherapy and compression therapy. Elvis is 19 years old and still feels amazing!

Emily Greer

Hidez: “Goodbye Swelling, Hello Healing!”

Chance came up from the pasture with a nasty cut on his knee recently, and our Hidez products helped heal it in just a few days.

Overnight, he wore a hind ice sock on that banged up right leg (front sock wouldn’t fit with the swelling) and a front ice sock on the left. We soaked the socks in cold water first because we didn’t want to fight with getting ice cubes at 10:30 pm. That’s been a handy way for us to apply cold therapy without ice.

Some of the swelling was gone from the knee and leg this morning but this afternoon I could still see a lot of swelling above the knee. The ice socks won’t reach that high, but I was able to drop ice cubes down the top of the suit to the swollen parts of his leg.
Once again, we’re glad we have Hidez products!

Melanie McKay

Hidez Compression Suits- Customer Submitted Testimonials

Travel & Recovery Suit

Back in the beginning of March 2021, my mare Dyna sustained a large hematoma to her side. Perfect timing, as we had the ELITE Barrel Race at Waco,TX. I put the suit on her and left it on for 2 days. After those 2 days, the hematoma was gone! Plus, Dyna had zero lingering soreness. I still use the Travel & Recovery suit when hauling her to races, I can feel a difference in her runs. Dyna usually runs in the less than a second off of the leader, with her suit she is 0.5 seconds off of the leader, even at 17 years old!

Emily Greer

Love my Hidez Products

I bought a younger mare a few years ago and she was anxious and nervous when we would go to places away from home, so I bought a Hidez Mask and it helped to settle her which made for enjoyable riding at competitions and on trails. I also got a recovery suit for after competing and workout sessions. Absolutely love and recommend Hidez products.

Evonne Crep

Love my Hidez

I have been using Hidez products for over 4 years now. For my main barrel mare CC, I noticed she would recover quicker after running if she wore her suit before hand. She wasn’t as sore or winded after racing. My other mare is quite anxious while being ridden faster than a walk, and when she wears her mask she is more calm and attentive. The 1st time she wore the suit, she instantly fell asleep, not a care in the world. I highly recommend these products!

Melissa Stuckey

Hidez saved me from a hefty hospital bill

In July of 2019, my horse sustained a nasty puncture type wound right around where the cinch would go under his belly. Being in the middle of summer and a crazy hard location to keep clean and fly free, my Hidez Suit saved me from having to hospitalize him and keep it clean and heal at a much quicker pace. It had an absurd amount of swelling around it as well that the hidez helped reduce quickly.

Kylee Boldroff

My amazing hidez experiences

A few years ago I ordered the hidez suit, neck piece and mask. It made a world of a difference in my mare. She recently had gotten injured and she got really sore after races or a hard ride. I would put everything on before trailering and immediately after running. I could tell the difference in her attitude before and after. No soreness of any kind. She also has major anxiety issues so the mask really helped with that. I recentlt just bought a suit and mask for mt 3 year old that I started racing. Shes already a hot horse and the mask helps her so much to concentrate in what I am asking of her. I notice the difference if she doesn’t have her mask on. I won’t go to any race without it. She also loves her suit. Keeps her feeling her best! I can’t wait for her future.

Jacy Epperson

Hidez Compression Suit & Mask


I started using Hidez products long before I became a sponsored team rider. I have a 13.2 hand POA named Cougar, and every time he wears his Hidez Active Suit and Hidez mask within minutes he starts yawning and lowering his head. Even in the winter months while he takes some time off, I make sure to put the Hidez products on him, so he can always feel his very best. We love the Hidez products and hope to add many more to our collection. We highly recommend Dream Big Hidez to all, great customer service with fast shipping.

Olivia Yates

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