Hidez Hood/Mask Testimonials

In order to keep the feedback and testimonials on the Hidez Compression Mask/Hoods, we will do our best to share and compile them here. 

If you are a mask user, please share your stories with us! We love to see photos as well. 

Calming a horse- why the Hidez compression mask helps by massaging and applying pressure ( compression) to these acupressure points. There are also points on the horse’s head (and body) that release endorphins. 

Diana Thompson shows the location of Governing Vessel 24 and Yin Tang. They are both used to help relax horses. (In the photo below)

GV 24 is located in the middle of the head at the bottom of the forelock; Yin Tang is midway between the horse’s eyes. The good news is that acupressure points can be activated over a relatively large area so you do not need to be exact to get a result.

Performing acupressure is pretty simple. You start by placing your fingers or palm on the acupressure points and press down slowly for a minute to a minute and a half. If your horse accepts the pressure, you can make small circles, moving the skin (do not slide over the hair).

If you start at GV 24 and gently stroke down you can also activate Yin Tang.

You can tell when your horse starts to relax because they begin to lick, chew and maybe even yawn. It’s a great way to form a bond with your horse and to learn to calm your horse through your own energy.

Using the Hidez Compression Mask will help your equine massages last longer, as it will gently massage these areas while wearing the mask and increase circulation. Use the mask underneath your bridle for a more comfortable horse. The compression will massage the muscle and fascia of the horses face and assist the horse in a complete mental and physical release process.

Using a compression mask by Hidez helps massage and increase circulation in these sensitive areas.

Endorphin release points- look where the Hidez masks (and suit) apply compression…


Ashley Schlapkohl, Dec 2019 

We LOVE our Hidez masks and Compression socks!!! Seriously one of the best investments ive made for my horses care gear!!! The mask does wonders for my gelding who gets anxious and is sensitive to poll pressure. The socks are by far my favorite though so far lol theyve been a big life saver for my older gelding who stocks up really easily on long hauls or when stalled. No matter how much padding there is under him. Weve tried cloud boots with no difference too. I wont go anywhere without the compression socks anymore. Really, these save me money in the long run!! If i keep the socks on him for hauling or stalling, he has ZERO inflammation and you can tell he feels great when were getting ready to run!! Its been huge for us!! Because lets be real, if your horse doesnt feel tip top, hes not going to perform tip top!!! These have made such a big difference for us, we will forever be using Hidez! Love the science behind it and i love that it helps my horses perform at their best! Next on my list is a travel recovery suit!! I strongly believe my boys would benefit greatly! 

-Ashley, Psyches, and Elvis ❤

Kalie Cook riding the Hidez!

Kalie Cook , Dec 2019 
This is Pistol I loved my hidez mask on him! He was 5 here at the time and would always get real anxious and bothered at barrel races so I decided to give one of these masks a try and it worked wonders!!! He got his mind back in the game and was clicking 1-2D times!

Suzkrutz Beckymcclane, Dec 2019 

I use the mask on both of my barrel horses. My buckskin is very impulsive and I feel it has had a more calming effect on him since I have started using it! We have placed at more shows than ever this year and I feel like the mask is a part of that keeping his focus better! My Grey horse has just been consistently going to shows the past few months and even just in practice at the house I notice his head drops and he immediately becomes more relaxed with the mask before I even get on. He is a very nervous horse so anything that helps comfort him I will definitely keep using! Love my masks I think more people would use them if they would give them a try even a little bit of help with a nervous anxious horse can go a long way!

Kali Knox, Dec 2019 

My gelding “Too red for my daddy” aka Red wears a hidez mask when we run barrels and even on the trails! He is a nervous horse with some minor anxiety issues, with the mask on he is a completely different horse. Relaxed and very easy to manage. 

I also have a black hidez mask I use for barrels on another gelding! Both my geldings love their masks!

I will be getting an active suit to use this spring

Shelby Lohnes , Dec 2019
I love my hidez mask. Every time I would get on my horse she would get hot and want to run right away, so I decided to save up my money and buy a hidez mask as I had friends who used hidez products and said they worked. The first time I used it I noticed a difference right away. She was way calmer than every other time I had ridden her.

Jessica Reed, Dec 2019
Even the smallest fellas can benefit from Hidez. 💕 Cowboy can be your typical turd head pony in and out of the arena. He wears his mask when competing. It’s a night and day difference!

Sarah Austin, Dec 2019

Hidez have been a game changer for my bay mare who doesn’t deal with her head being messed with. I tried everything in the book to help her relax and let me work with her. Back on track, massage therapy nothing worked. I got a mask and let me tell you what within mins of it being on her she was licking her lips and relaxing and allowing me to bridle her up with out having to undo the side of my bridle. I will never ride her with out one now.

Karen Moon, June 2017
Behavior issues at gate/alley and focus during performance

Just wanted you to know my horse is making a complete turn around with this mask! He went from a horse who wouldn’t go in the gate to winning a check in the 3D in two runs.

Sheri Yoder, May 2017
Anxiety linked to allergies, breathing issues

I am not a believer in gimmicks. With that said, I have to say that this Hidez compression mask did everything that they said it was going to do for Sinn!! She was more calm than she has been before and made a super smooth run with no wheezing or coughing afterwards. Now, we definitely take other precautions for her because this is a bad season for allergies. But I will say that this mask definitely helped her yesterday! Thank you Kate Szukelewicz! #iamabeliever#thankyouhidez. Photos by Victor McCune Photography. Photos by Victor McCune Photography

‎Tyanha Humes Pitt, March 2017
Touchy, uptight horse

Thoroughly impressed already! Tuesdays new Hidez compression mask came in the mail yesterday so I took it out today to try it on her. INSTANTLY her head dropped to the ground and she looked like she was going to fall asleep. For a nut case mare who hates being rubbed, her ears touched, or face messed with, she eagerly let us do all those things and then some 😍 I was skeptical but am definitely a believer now 

Sheridan Cummings
, Feb 11, 2017
Diagnosed TMJ Horse, Anxiety at the Event, Anxious at the Trailer

He is a diagnosed tmj horse. We actually ave to draw fluid off once a year. Interested in how (the Hidez mask) it affects that. Time will tell. I had a really good first ride. Something was up.. there’s not much nice about riding spooky. 😂 I usually tie his mouth shut to stop the gaping and running away doing barrel work. Neither thing happened today. Hmmmmm….

Feb 12, 2017: 

Spooky, being not so spooky at the jackpot!

At the jackpot: 
“Hmmm.. the Hidez mask must have squeezed the anxiety right out of him. I think he’s napping? We’re at the back of the alley and he can hear the announcer which usually undoes him. Wth? Wake up Spooky!! He won’t stop yawning. He’s going to step on his tongue! LOL”

Terrie Elrod Arnett: “How did he run?”

Sheridan Gates Cummings: “He ran hard!”

Linda Kuennen, Feb 12, 2017
Anxiety while being shod

I wanted to let you know that my mares are always difficult for getting shod. Well, with their mask on no sedation needs and they were really good and calm. 

Mandy Wright Poer, Jan 28, 2017
Barrel/Pole Horse with issues on the pattern and high anxiety

Emily Holton, Feb 2, 2017
Separation Anxiety

Great great product. I just got one from Kate Szukelewicz and has really helped with my horse’s anxiety. Esp when you take a buddy away. He now stands quietly at the trailer w a leg cocked. Never happened before. A worthy investment. 

Kayley Watson, Jan 23, 2017 

I caved and got the wild child a hidez mask. I have been through every possible “cure” for cribbing. At this point I would settle for her to slow down her cribbing. It has never effected her weight but she definitely drives the other horses nuts with her cribbing. I am happy to say that so far she has not cribbed and she is the type that would immediately grab ahold of the fence and crib anytime she was near one. I hope it keeps working for her. Folks please don’t lock your horses up in a stall with no attention. She is a victim of this an now she will suffer with the urge to crib the rest of her life. I don’t love her any less for this or even blame her.

Chelsea Kroes, Jan 19, 2017 
TMJ Issues, chomping the bit

The proof is in the pudding … the Hidez mask has made a world of difference in my TMJ horse! Watch this video to see without the mask and then with the mask!

Ashley Zimmerman, Jan 5, 2017
Head Tossing stopped. 

True believers in my hidez mask. LP has wore it since I got it, and hasn’t tossed her head once, and she is a terrible terrible head tosser even in her stall. Within 15 minutes of it being off, she was throwing her head everywhere!

Amber Nicole Bartow, January 7, 2017
Anxiety, Refusing Gate, Running Off

Today was 10 steps forward with my mare!!! We used the HIDEZ MASK for the first time, and my mare was noticeably more calm standing tied as well as going to the Barrel pen. She usually refuses and runs off. She’s a very anxiety ridden horse, who shakes like a leaf. This mare didn’t have the best start at life, so I took her in with lots of love patience and earned her trust! We then turned to HIDEZ to fine tune the anxieties that have became habitual. I couldn’t be happier with the results! We walked in flat footed, stayed calm and collected, and turned the barrels like a pro! Thank you HIDEZ!!

Anna Rathe, Jan 4, 2017
Horse anxiety, gate issues, “hot” barrel and roping horse. 

I am a barrel racer but I’m also a roper. I just want to let you know that I received a Hidez from my parent’s for Christmas in the hopes that it would help my barrel horse to feel more secure. He loves his job but gets incredibly nervous before runs. He gets pretty anxious. In fact, it has been the running “joke” at Wisconsin High School Rodeos and Wisconsin Little Britches Rodeos that “Charlie” is at the gate, everyone “watch” out. Anyway, we tried his Hidez on him on Christmas morning and we couldn’t believe the difference we saw in him. My whole family was shocked that this product could make such a difference. For the last week I’ve even been riding him in a hackamore because he feels so secure and relaxed. This is amazing for our “hot” barrel horse. I just want to thank you for this product. It is definitely on the top of my list and I will recommend to everyone!

Lisa Wells, Dec 9, 2016
Young Horse with Separation Anxiety, Stalling, Not Drinking – BFA 2016

“I’m so happy to have met Kate Szukelewicz at the BFA last week and to learn about Hidez. She was walking through our shed row of sale horses and observed our FG filly fretting from being unable to see her neighbor for the first time in her life! She suggested a Hidez mask and after trying it … I’ll never head to a sale again without one. They’re amazing and a little unbelievable, but it certainly worked for us. Thanks Kate for being brave enough to offer a solution.”

B.j. Salomon, December 22, 2016
Stalling Issues, Anxious, Handling Issues while on recovery

Ok I have not gotten to try it racing cause I have a gelding who is on stall rest. Well for a guy who loves to RUN, stall rest is not working out too good for him. So we went to drugging him with the drugs you give them to be quiet when on stall rest. Due to his metabolism, I guess, they work for about 3 days. So for 3 days you have a horse that is nice to be around other than that you have an ASSHOLE that is either walking on 2 legs or trying to walk and nip at you out of boredom! Ok, so got the Mask from Kate Szukelewicz put it on and guess what? I DON’T NEED DRUGS!!! He was a pleasure to walk a pleasure to be around etc etc. It even worked out over time now I can walk him without the mask on. He just got better. After trying everything from the PHT poll thing to drugs I can honestly say this is the only thing that has worked! So I can honestly say GET IT! If by some weird chance it doesn’t work for you and your horse is a size medium in it I will buy it off of you that is how much I believe in it! Will never be without this product its the real deal!!!

Kayla Morrison, Sept 2016
Anxiety, Head Shaking, Pawing

Natalie Foutch, November 5, 2016

Copper looks so handsome in the suit! 

Copper wears the Active suit and Mask (for the first time) in the Grand Entry at the URA Finals 2016!

Gotta admit, he really was chillin when he had it on and even after I took it off…he wore it for 2 hours. You can see immediate results! Eyes relax, licking his lips, lowers his head & just over all relaxed. So I bought one for the champ! Orville loves it. Doesn’t move a muscle when I put it on and after a long haul he isn’t tired…amazing!

April Geier at Ferguson Wausau Showroom. – September 27 – Wausau, WI · 
Anxiety, Chomping the bit, Tossing Head, Cribbing

I’m completely amazed by how well the Hidez mask works!!! Anyone that knows Major knows that he LOVES to crib it’s only been day two and he has not done it with the mask on!!!!! I usually keep mine on him all day/night and take it off for a few hours and put it back on! Just so his skin can breathe! I really love mine so far! Major also chomps on his bit at shows me and throws his head and that is the reason why I purchased the mask but i noticed it helps with cribbing. I’m completely amazed!!! Thank you to Bobbie Jo Orysen for mentioning it to me and to Kate Szukelewicz for getting it to me so quickly!</p>
I’m completely amazed by how well the Hidez mask works!!! Anyone that knows Major knows that he LOVES to crib it’s only been day two and he has not done it with this mask on!!!!! I’m completely amazed!!! Thank you to Bobbie Jo Orysen for mentioning it to me and to Kate Szukelewicz for getting it to me so quickly!

Elysia Van Houten Wilkinson – November 26 
Anxiety, Gate Issues, Alleyway Issues 

Elysia had contacted us about a mask for her gelding with this concern: “My gelding is really hot going in the arena but great on barrels. I tried the pozzi past this weekend and it worked but slowed him down. Do you think the mask would help and not slow him down? I loose so much of his wind getting him to start, so would love to help him relax. He’s not the fastest horse so he needs all his energy he can get. Without the paste he started to be a 3D horse.”

Ok I ran my gelding twice today and he was perfect. He was 2nd in the 2D both goes and he never ran backwards going into the alley. I’m so happy with the hood. He started drooling after about 2 min of having it on. 

Kayla Morrison, Sept 22, 2016 
Anxiety, buddy sour, weaving in stall, pawing

Kayla Morrison- Printed Hidez Mask- Barrel Racing

Got my Hidez mask in and I can’t believe the difference it has made. I was very skeptical about it but thought I would give it a try. This mare is super nervous all of the time, claustrophobic and buddy sour. I have to keep Vegas close to her or she’ll pull back, won’t stand still, and paw a hole in the ground. I put the mask on and thought, “Well, the moment of truth will be taking her away from Vegas.” She walked to the trailer calmly leaving her friend in the pasture. I tied her up and walked away! No weaving, pawing, hollering for her buddy. She stood still, licked her lips, rested her back leg and her bottom lip was droopy. I’m in shock, to say the very least. She also stood in her stall by herself without any feed. I’m a believer now! 

Bobbi Jo Orysen, Sept 2016
Nervous horse, chomping bit

We purchased a mask for Sammy. He was always chomping on his bit and nervous acting Kylie used it and I was amazed how he wasn’t doing that and just seemed more relaxed. He’s not hot just nervous about the surroundings and where the other horses are. Kylie sat on him at the fence and he was content resting a back leg not concerned where his buddy was.

Johnna Walls, Oct 2016
Anxiety, Blown Up barrel horse 

We bought a mask from Kate, and they work. We use ours on a blown up barrel horse to run goats and now he doesn’t run off!

‎‎Jennifer Carver‎, to TX 1D Equine- Hidez Compression Suits, Sept 28, 2016

This is Kit he is a cribber , he always cribs when he is tied to the fence , but wearing the Hidez hood he was tied for a couple hours and never cribbed once !! I was skeptical but I had plenty of witnesses that it truly work !! Thank you again for the help !!

Carry N Andrea Smith‎ to Kate Szukelewicz
18 September at 21:45 · 
Injury recovery

I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Hidez mask!! My sweet old mare is healing very nice! Her skull was crushed and the swelling was so bad her eye bulged but one week after wearing the mask the swelling is almost gone and the new tissue is looking very healthy!! I’ll send pictures soon 

Chasity Olson’s Snoop modeling his Hidez Compression Mask

Chasity Olson‎ to Big Dream Racing- Hidez USA – 8 August ·
Nervous horse, anxiety 

“Bought this mask on a whim when I seen it advertised to help horses with anxiety. We gave it a try this past weekend. Snoop licked and yawned the second we put it on. He hauled well, stayed calm and worked a great barrel pattern. He didn’t stay on the muscle after his work out like he usually does, came right back down to a calm state. While we are still digging deeper into the root of his anxiety, it was nice to see him calm and happy for once!!”

How the Hood Works- It’s Acupressure Points, Massage, Compression, Increased Circulation

Shannon Durbin – July 2016
TMJ issues, Gate Anxiety, Focus during performance

Shannon Durbin, owner of 2 Sassy Girlz, runs Flirt in his mask since first trying one in July 2016. She even owns a custom printed one now! Here’s some of the feedback Shannon got when she posted a photo of her running Flirt in his Hidez mask: 

Denise Hendricks: What’s on his head???
Hidez compression mask.

Shannon Bryan Durbin: It’s suppose to help with his TMJ! I’m trying it out

Denise Hendricks: Awww… He looks like he is getting down and working! 🙂

Jana Ramonda Dreasher: Let me know your thoughts on it Shannon Bryan Durbin. I have one and I’m not sure my mare likes it.

Shannon Bryan Durbin: He did work good last weekend!

Jana Ramonda Dreasher: Fantastic!

Alison Falke:I have one too and love it- I use it for a sore poll and anxiety

Shannon Bryan Durbin 4 July · 

“I ran Flirt this weekend at the go for broke, wanted to say he ran his best time wearing the hidez hood on his head! He was good warming up and turned all his barrels great! Thanks Kate Szukelewicz and big dream racing for letting me use pyes!”

Shannon Durbin and Flirt

Sandy Turner from Hawk Point, MO, August 2016:

She said: “Hood update. Put on her last night have not caught her cribbing yet. Vet was here today to do hocks he was very impressed with it was going to look it up and find out more about them. Also update on the other pair of socks i ordered for my trainer, she has been using them and it has taken down swelling.”

Renee Dierdorff, Canada, July 2016:
Anxiety, Focus during performance, Chomping on bit

“ I bought just the mask piece for my pleasure horse. I put it on and we went into to the trail class warm up where he can be very anxious with all the traffic. I didn’t lunge him at all and we sure got stared at..lol…but my horse was far quieter and he didn’t chew on the bit at all which is his nervous behavior. So I think it works! Can’t imagine what the whole suit would do!” 

Another Hidez customer posted this testimonial:
Leanna Billie with Megan Lefebvre.
Injury recovery 

19 August · Crow Agency, MT · 

My 11yr old Calf horse Tex was tied to the trailer for the night and at about 5am. I heard Tex pulling back and thrashing around. I got to him and found that he had caught the nose band of his halter on the step ladder of the trailer he hit his head hard and had bad gashes over his eye and top of his head and on his neck just behind his ear. I was worried about swelling and being sore I had already Planned on turning out of the rodeo the next day. But thanks to the awesome Hidez Suit with the neck & hood the next morning I was so surprised to find no swelling no soreness Tex was feeling just as good as ever he like a champ in the rodeo the next morning. I didn’t even give any medicine or put any liniment on him. The Hidez Suits with Neck/Hood has played such a big part of keeping my horses going since I been on the rodeo road. So honored to be apart of such a great team.

Another great Hidez Compression Mask testimonial! Thank you Jessie! Jessie uses the Hidez compression mask to help with anxiety issues with her rodeo horse.